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Young Adult literature or, YA books, have been the mainstay of Louise Moeri’s career. Young Adult Literature varies based upon the age group at which the literature is aimed, and who is asked to define it. Authors, readers, and young adult agencies all have different views of the definition. However, it is generally agreed that Young Adult Literature is literature defined as a young adult as “someone between the ages of twelve and eighteen”.

save-queen-of-sheba-coverSave Queen of Sheba, is her first YA novel and her most enduring. It is a story pulled right from the family history book about a brother and sister, King David and Queen of Sheba, alone in the wilderness, struggle to survive.

Save Queen of Sheba is also available in audio format from, narrated by Joshua Swanson.





The Forty-ThirdThe 43rd War tells the stirring story of children in unending war-torn country of Central America and how it affects their lives. This seering tale was selected for a Pen West Literary Award.







DevilThe Devil in Ol’ Rosie, another often told tale of growing up in the High Desert country of Central Oregon and her pioneer family. Anyone familiar with horses will love this tale of Ol’ Rosie, a cranky, old mare, who has escaped the corral and led ten of the Nolan’s other horses into the stark mountains of eastern Oregon. Struggling through the rugged wilderness and facing almost overwhelming peril, 12 year old Wart must keep his wits about him and bring the horses home.





Downwind by Louise MoeriDownwind is a story of 12-year old Ephraim and his family dealing with a possible meltdown at a nearby nuclear facility. Everyone in the area is evacuated, people were panicking; some becoming violent. How Ephraim and his family deal with their fears and hold together as a family at the threat of the entire valley becoming blanketed with deadly radiation is at the core of this riveting tale.




Once upon a Christmas, there was an old woman who lived in a hut at the edge of the forest, with only her old dog, Uproar, to keep her company. The old woman had only one wish: to celebrate a real Christmas, with a tree and presents and candles and food. Just once.

In this original, heartwarming fable, Louise Moeri tells the story of an unlikely friendship and how it made two Christmas wishes come true.

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Journey to theThey knew they couldn’t give up.

Victoria has heard her grandfather’s story of the fabulous golden treasure a thousand times. He has told it so often that no one believes him anymore — not even Victoria.

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unicorn and the plow

 The Unicorn And The Plow is a story of a poor starving farmer who is persuaded by his two oxen to wait one more day before he sells one and kills the other for food.

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First the EggFirst the Egg about a girl taking Marriage & Family class at high school and is preparing for graduation. She and a partner have to carry an egg around like it is an infant and they have to keep a log of it, and cannot leave the egg unsupervised. She is having a hard time with her partner’s lack of commitment to the project, while at the same time she is having issues at home, mainly because of her father’s temper tantrums.

This book captures the realism of how schools across north america were doing this egg project.

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The Girl Who

Girl Who Lived on the Ferris Wheel‘s story revolves around Til, a girl in the 1940s, who lives with her unbalanced mother. She only gets to see her divorced father once a week and he always takes her to an amusement park for a ride on the Ferris wheel which scares her. It’s an up and down existence and Til lives in fear. The mother, Gertrude, is a frighteningly realistic character and the reader feels the tension of the household as Gertrude becomes more and more obsessive-compulsive and more and more intolerant of Til. It’s almost unbearable as Til struggles to help save herself.

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How the Rabbit

 How the Rabbit Stole the Moon is a story of a time before the moon and stars, when the Sun was the only light in the sky. At night the world was completely dark and the animals were frightened. They finally decide to ask the fierce Sun if they may have a small piece of his light to keep with them in the evenings. As each animal goes and tries a different tactic (threatening, pleading, beguiling) he is refused.

What happens next? Read it and find out.


A Horse for XYZ

 A Horse for X.Y.Z  is a story of a twelve-year-old girl who seizes a chance to ride a  spirited horse, her ride becomes more than she anticipated.

 This book brings to life the characters X.Y.Z and Horse. 

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Jack Daniels Ebook cover 1st page

 In “Jack Daniels Escape” follow Quincy Rocklin as he negotiates family life with a pampered half-brother, a bullying step-brother, a step-mother whose loyalties are frozen in a strange mold and a father who is completely unattached and unaware, not to mention indifferent, that he is destroying his sons’ world around them. It is another gripping story of survival in a modern world. Of course available at!



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