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Wing IT

Each of us has to decide if you find yourself with an itch to see your name on the cover of a book if you will write factual books loaded with history, science, mathematics, or will you write STORIES that tell the truth about our human race, but in a different language. Great writers have often blurred the lines here, but basically, you must choose which side you are on. I started writing stories about the age of 12 and have continued to churn them out ever since with no end in sight. I am utterly unable to explain why some of us write stories and other people build skyscrapers, compete in the winter Olympics, or take out the diseased body parts of sick people.

This book is for the writer who is at heart an independent spirit, the activist, the person with a fire in the belly to achieve a tomorrow that doesn’t exist today. The writer who is always on the go to places you could never dream about in a hundred lifetimes. If you hear the beat from that different drummer, take heart. You are not alone. Not every writer outlines a story from beginning to end, then goes back and fills in the blanks. Not every writer produces a finished book the same way as another, yet, the finished product is the same: a book. Just be a writer and write your book the way you can and if you’re not every writer, then just “Wing It”!


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