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Chemo-Club-cover-231x300Claudia Hartford is the perfect wife with a perfect husband and a perfect marriage, right up to the point when this odd little lump turns up in her right breast…

This is not a true story. It is not a medical textbook or non-fiction. But it is a factual, fictional account of how cancer affects lives of persons diagnosed with any cancer and the struggles they face. This is one woman’s story. This is my story…

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Completely absorbed in the wreckage of her own life that has smashed her family and catapulted her into panic attacks, Sarah Wingate flees to her childhood home in Oregon and her older sister, Julia.  Sarah’s plan, suggested by her psychiatrist, is to rest and regain her balance emotionally after the failure of her marriage, recover from her panic attacks, and then return to California to put together a home for herself and her children.

Julia, in the meantime, is suppressing her own terrifying emotional wounds in her drive to rescue her younger sister.  Sarah realizes that the strong ‘good sister’ she thought to lean on was in desperate need of nurturing. Can she discover strength and purpose in herself and rebuild their lives? No more good sister or bad sister?

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“My God—this place is deserted! Dad—wait—“ Soda Sommerfield’s voice rose to a near scream as she stared down the slope at the ranchhouse and barns that lay in the hollow of the surrounding hills. Fences leaned, gates sagged, and one shed had collapsed completely, tumbleweeds lay drifted deep in the barn lot. There wasn’t a sound to be heard or a single living being in sight. Silent—derelict—abandoned—“Dad—-Dad!”

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