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Star Mother's Youngest Child by Louise MoeriFrom her first published work of Star Mother’s Youngest Child, an original fable beloved by many as a traditional Christmas story, follow the journey of King David as he works to save his sister Queen of Sheba who actively resists being saved in Save Queen of Sheba, a story pulled right from the family history book. Set in the same era, follow 12 year old Wart who is faced with rescuing the horses that their old mare has helped to escape in Devil in ol’ Rosie. Amid dangerous terrain and mountain lions he must prove to his Ma and Pa and to himself, he can survive and successfully bring the horses home.

Then switch time and location to The 43rd War, which tells the stirring story of children in unending war-torn country of Central America and how it affects their lives. This seering tale was selected for a Pen West Literary Award.

Follow the latest suspense story in her e-library, The Good Sister and Chemo Club, based on her true life experiences with a diagnosis of cancer. Brought back under new publication is Downwind, a timely story of nuclear energy and “what if” there was a meltdown in a populated area.

Louise has an engaging collection of Christmas stories drawn from her heart. Stories about families and relationships whose light carries warmth throughout the year. Find Home for Christmas by Louise MoeriHome for Christmas, a Christmas Collection, Louise’s latest book here, available in ebook for immediate reading pleasure.

The family dream lives on with the pioneer spirit alive and well in Louise Moeri’s life and books.

Louise’s newest books are available at Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

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