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I do not know when I started to write-it just grew. Then one day I found I was a working wife, and mother of 2 boys and one girl. My first instinct as a mother was to warm a bottle, and my second was to find a story to read to the kids. That is how I discovered books for YOUNG people-I had never seen them before. I had taken a job at the public library, and discovered a completely new world. Naturally, I figured that since these books had only a FEW words-I could write something like that! It took several rejection slips to enlighten me that they had to be the RIGHT words.

One thing led to another. A few of my books are fairy tales-you know, the kind of story that tells the truth by “making up” a piece of fiction. But most of my books for young people are my attempts to show the real world that real kids really live in.

And really-that world is not very pretty! The thing about me that is (a) handy, or (b) a disaster, is that my point of view stretches out over many decades and is not limited to the internet, cell phones, and most of the stuff we see on TV. I have a scalding ability to see the world as it really is today, and a persistent urge to try to make people (kids) take a better look. Maybe they will. What do you think?




Louise Moeri’s family hit the Oregon Trail before the ruts were deep and the path well-traveled. Like other families, Louise’s family went in search of a better life in the early days of the westward expansion from the East and settled first in the Willamette Valley, then drawn to expand again to Eastern Oregon where many of Louise’s stories harken back to.

From her first published work of Star Mother’s Youngest Child in 1974, an original fable beloved by many as a traditional Christmas story, follow the journey of King David as he works to save his sister in Queen of Sheba who actively resists being saved in Save Queen of Sheba, a story pulled right from the family history book. Set in the same era, follow 12 year old Wart who is faced with rescuing the horses that their old mare has helped to escape in Devil in ol’ Rosie. Amid dangerous terrain and mountain lions he must prove to his Ma and Pa and to himself, he can survive and successfully bring the horses home.

The 43rd War, which tells the stirring story of children in unending war-torn country of Central America and how it affects their lives. This seering tale was selected for a Pen West Literary Award.

Follow the latest suspense story in her e-library, The Good Sister, Downwind and Chemo Club, a fictionalized story based on her true life experiences with a diagnosis of cancer.

The family dream lives on with the pioneer spirit alive and well in Louise Moeri’s life and books.

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