Dear Readers,

Please allow me the honor and privilege of welcoming you to the new official website for my books.

I hope you enjoy my books as I loved writing each and every one of them. I believe they have something to share with all ages of readers. 

I started writing stories about the age of 12 and have continued to churn them out ever since with no end in sight. I am utterly unable to explain why some of us write stories and other people build skyscrapers, compete in the winter Olympics, or take out the diseased body parts of sick people.

My stories are often stories of odds against nature, like Save Queen of Sheba, The 43rd War or The Devil in Ol’ Rosie, stories set in rural Oregon where I grew up. They are also stories of survival against man and against oneself, as in my novel: The Good Sister, available in e-book. And Chemo Club, a fictional story of one woman’s survival against breast cancer based on my own personal experience with the disease and also available in e-book format.

Jack Daniels Ebook cover 1st pageIn “Jack Daniels Escape” follow Quincy Rocklin as he negotiates family life with a pampered half-brother, a bullying step-brother, a step-mother whose loyalties are frozen in a strange mold and a father who is completely unattached and unaware, not to mention indifferent, that he is destroying his sons’ world around them. It is another gripping story of survival in a modern world, available at Amazon.com!

I hope you will find the novels an everyday adventure. Don't forget to join the Facebook Fan Club page and sign up for news of my next release and receive a FREE short story "We've Got To Stop Meeting Like This".

Thank you,




                              For anyone pursuing a creative writing career, why not “Wing It”!

Wing-IT-232x300       Available as ebook for immediate download from Amazon.com

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